2016 Rocky Mountain ChallengeNews

2016 Tournament Rules

  1. All sides will be scheduled for 2 matches on Saturday and 2 matches on Sunday.
  2. Varsity & JV has been divided into 3 & 4 team pools for Saturday matches.
    1. 3-team pools will be played in a round robin format.
    2. 4-team pools will be played in a bracket format.
    3. Winners from pools will continue into a 4 team championship bracket.
  3. Girls varsity will play a single 5-team round robin tournament, continuing through both days. In this format, we cannot have a specific championship match.
  4. All matches are 45 minutes in length with 22 1/2 minute halves to conform to IRB ruling. 5 minute half times.
  5. Unlimited rosters for each match. This allows as many players as possible to experience this higher level of rugby competition in line with the purpose and spirit of the Rocky Mountain Challenge. A player who has been substituted may replace an injured player.
  6. The sin bin will be used for Yellow Cards- 5 minutes.
  7. Match tie-breaker format, as per IRB: A- Most tries scored, B- Most tries converted. C- Kicks, 3 players from each side. The 3 players must be on the field at the end of the match to be one of the kickers.
    1. The referee will do a coin toss to determine which team kicks first. The referee will then select a spot on the 22 meter line and each kicker can place kick or drop kick from that spot. Kickers alternate teams.
    2. The team with the most conversions at the end of the round wins the match. If the teams remain tied at the end of the round, the referee selects a new mark and the process is repeated until a winner is determined.
  8. Pool tie-breakers were changed in 2011 based on input from coaches, refs and committee members. These tie-breakers will determine placement into semifinal Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity matches and final placing for all divisions.
    1. Head to Head Play
    2. Least tries allowed
    3. Least converted tries allowed
    4. Least penalty kicks allowed
    5. Least red cards received
    6. Least yellow cards received
    7. Most tries scored
    8. Most tries converted
    9. Most penalty kicks scored
  9. Teams and all family and fans must remain behind the ropes on the designated sides of the pitch. The only people allowed in front of the ropes are coaches and the Touch Judge.
  10. All players, coaches and fans must be on their best behavior at all times, both on and off the pitch. Coaches, please ensure the conduct of your players throughout the tournament. Match-related incidents will be referred to the Tournament Disciplinary Committee.
  11. Guard the belongings and valuables of the players during matches and when away from your tent.
  12. No drugs or alcohol, period. A zero tolerance policy will be enforced.
  13. There will be a Tournament Field Coordinator at all matches. Please direct questions or concerns to that individual. The field coordinator will have a radio that can be used to call for help, in the event of injury.
  14. Trophies will be presented for the 1st and 2nd place sides in all brackets at the conclusion of the tournament. All-Tournament selections will also be announced at this time.
  15. Inclement weather policies have been adopted, should inclement weather affect the tournament, those procedures take precedence.
  16. Please pick up after yourselves and dispose of trash and recycled materials appropriately. Thanks for your help.
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